Double Unders Club

DUBs Club

Are you a proud member of the double unders club? 

Start your day with kettlebells and coffee

Sip and swing

in our box those who come across the line last are cheered the most because effort is everything


I’ve had my fair share of cheers and encouragement 😉

wodsominia - when you can't sleep because you're thinking about tomorrow's wod


15 that special number of reps between 9 and 21 where you question all your life choices

15 Reps

Peanut Butter is life!

Peanut Butter

What would WW do?

What would WW do?

Double Unders: I'm working on them!

Double Unders: I’m working on them!

It's not shopping it's farmer's carry training!

Farmer’s Carry Training

That feeling when the WOD hasn't gone up yet

Is the WOD up yet?

We all know THAT feeling 😀